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Episode #3 – Fundamentals of LLM/GPT & Taming LLMs

Join us for Episode 2 of our series, “Using AI / ChatGPT at Work – GPT Automation,” where we dive into the LLM/GPT prompt engineering landscape. Discover various paths to level up your skills in the GPT space, from using ChatGPT/GPT-powered apps to creating workflows with code or no-code automation. Explore the potential of GPT API with different frameworks and data, and learn about alternative LLM APIs. Uncover time-saving GPT automation techniques, cost-effective strategies, and ethical considerations. Gain insights into overcoming bias and the future trends of GPT automation. This pilot session focuses on “nocode” solutions, exploring existing tools and resources available for your learning journey.

Note: This session is in English and serves as a pilot, with potential for future series continuation or a shift in focus based on feedback.

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