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The Convergence of No Code Data and AI: What it Means for Businesses and Work

The convergence of NoCode, Data and AI has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses and work are conducted. As AI becomes easier to use, it can change the landscape of business and work in general. This new format for the company’s series is meant to explain the convergence of no code data and AI to the masses, knowledge workers, and professionals who could take advantage of it to make their lives easier.

AI has been around for a while, but it gets better and better as time goes on. Rahul has been researching AI for about 20 years and at each stage, he would get disappointed. He would pick it up every few years, and each time, he would ask himself, “So what? What does it mean to me and to the everyday person?” He works in a consulting company, and a large part of his job is related to data, technology, and business platforms. However, a large part of his job is just like everybody else’s – sitting in front of a computer, typing, and clicking his mouse around.

It wasn’t until GPT came out a few years ago that Rahul started to pay more attention to the AI landscape. GPT is a large language model that is very useful for writing documents, books, briefs, summaries, and even code. He personally uses chat GPT for things that people wouldn’t necessarily have thought about earlier. For example, to prioritize projects for the year. Prioritization is a very difficult task, and ChatGPT can not only prioritize the tasks, but also suggest sub tasks, and ideas to get started.

Watch the Video to learn more :

A great introduction to GPT, and how it can help you automate your business.

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