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We’re experts at automating Generative AI with tools like LangChain, LlamaIndex, Semantic Kernel and ChatGPT Plugins.


Join one of our public Bootcamps, watch our YouTube webinars, or request a custom workshop for your company.


Our team has decades of experience in building business platforms, especially those that have a demanding customer base.


Let's show you what is possible in the new world of LLMs

Latest Videos

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The LLM / AI / GPT Prompt Engineer Roadmap

Discover how large language models (LLMs) are shaping the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how to integrate them into your workflow with no programming background needed. From prompt engineering to no-code automation, explore the different levels of expertise and tools available to get started with GPT-powered apps and create your own workflows with GPT API.

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Data Engineer's Desktop

Unleashing LLM / Generative AI’s Magic: Data Wrangling

Unleashing LLM / Generative AI’s Magic: Data Wrangling Get ready to unlock the full potential of LLM / Generative AI’s magic with the power of data wrangling! It’s time to turn your messy data into a well-organized, easily accessible goldmine of information. Don’t let data chaos hold you back any longer – let’s get wrangling!

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Building the Modern Enterprise with AI

Discover the benefits of language user interfaces for employees, partners, and users. Learn how natural language processing can improve user satisfaction and productivity in a variety of business apps. From customer service chatbots to project management tools, find out how language interfaces can reduce training and support costs while increasing data accuracy. Explore opportunities in the industry, including systems that shrink data and knowledge, personal or workspace assistants, and traditional software combined with AI experts and assistants.

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Our Process

Let's Get Started

Understand your Idea

We conduct a planning & discovery to assess what your goals are and what we need to prioritize for your prototype.

Design a Solution

We start using NoCode tools as soon as we can after diagramming / creating a blue print so that we can start adding value and get feedback as soon as possible.

Build & Operationalize

We iterate with NoCode prototypes to validate use cases with users, while developing the scalable solution that fits your need.

What can we do for you?

LLM Strategy & Policy

Organizations that have sensitive information need to implement policies and strategies and find ways to be both compliant with security and regulations as well as give their staff the superpowers of LLM. We can help you define your policy and train your team.

LLM / Data Strategy & Architecture

For most organizations that aren't already using LLM's in production, you may want to consider the different ways you can employ LLM's as part of your existing DataOps/DevOps

We have years of experience designing global scale real-time data platforms. LLM's are another layer on the current stack.

Prototype Development

Within 6 weeks, we can have a working prototype with LLM's integrated into your platform. If you are on Azure, we can use Azure OpenAI, or Amazon Bedrock on AWS if you don't want to use the publicly available LLMs.

Bootcamps & Workshops

We conduct weekly webinars, and have monthly workshops in person. We can customize our workshops and bootcamps for your infrastructure and for your employees.

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