LLM Bootcamp

Practical LLM Bootcamp - Focused on Getting you Running on Day 1

If you are curious about creating apps with “LLM Inside,” but don’t know where to get started, this bootcamp is for you. We want anyone who attends to walk way with an App, API or ideas for their next big startup. Luckily there are different ways to get started today in making software. 

LLM’s have now democratized AI so anyone with some basic software engineering, data engineering can get started. Not only that, NoCode app platforms can help those without a programming background get started too. 

We’ll cover the fundamentals, patterns, and then practical LLM Stacks in NoCode, Full Code, and those that will work for the Enterprise at scale followed by a hands-on build your own ChatBot.

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Strategy & Theory

You don’t need to be a Deep Learning Machine Learning Expert / Data Scientist to understand how to use LLM’s like OpenAI, Cohere, or Anthropic’s Claude to make intelligent Experts, Assistants, and Platforms

We’ll cover the survey of what’s happened in the last several months and what you need to know to get going.

Design Patterns

Folks have been hacking away ever since ChatGPT made the news, and even before. 

There are great starting points for Language User Interfaces, data frameworks like Lanchain & LlamaIndex, as well as new and exciting “AGI” (Artificial General Intelligence) like AutoGPT and BabyAGI

We’ll cut through the BS to focus on things that work. 

App Stacks

We’ll introduce you to a few different “App Stacks” that will work with LLMs. These stacks are proven in different contexts.

We’ll introduce you to a few different “App Stacks” that will work with LLMs. These stacks are proven in different contexts.

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This is our draft itinerary that details a full day event which would be in person although we are planning on virtual full day and virtual weekly series.

We’re looking for sponsors, speakers, and participants, so please fill out the survey and express your interest in helping out. 

Sponsors will be helping out with the logistics and costs so we should be able to offset much of the in person costs. The virtual events will be free. 

Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon. 

– Rahul Singh

  • Intro to AI/Data/Nocode
  • Intro to LLM
  • Intro to Prompt Engineering
  • Intro to Language User Interfaces
  • Intro to Retrieval Augmented LLM
  • Frameworks for Data / Retrieval Augmented LLM
  • NoCode Framework for AI/LLM
  • Full Code Framework for AI/LLM
  • Code Walkthrough of Langchain/LllamaIndex App
  • Clone App on Gitpod
  • Setup DB/Vector DBs
  • Configure Prompts
  • Deploy App

We would love your feedback.

We’re thinking of doing this is several cities in real life person events but also virtually. Let us know what works for you. We have some corporate sponsors and seeking more to offset the costs. If the form below doesn’t show up, click the button. 

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