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Expertise on Operationalizing LLMs to Automate Business

If you’re interested in integrating “LLM Inside” technology into your apps but unsure of how to get started, our consulting services can help. Current enterprise offerings for this technology are often limited to specific cloud providers or firms with vested interests in promoting certain models or approaches.

Our consulting team can provide you with informed guidance on how to build an intelligent business platform that is both flexible and scalable without being locked into a particular vendor. We have extensive experience in creating cloud-neutral data platforms for leading global brands, and we can help you develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Our Work

We are awesome at building global scale platforms. We’ve built scalable customer experiences and data platforms that integrate with the rest of their business. We’ve dug deep into the LLM world and found that our past experience + LLMs allows us to continue helping clients in a new way. 

Some of our Clients

Our Expertise

Language Models
Language Models
Use Cases
Enterprise Scale

Our Process

Planning & Discovery

Let’s Understand your Idea. We conduct a planning & discovery to assess what your goals are and what we need to prioritize for your prototype.

Design & Architecture

Let’s Design a Solution. We start using NoCode tools as soon as we can after diagramming / creating a blue print so that we can start adding value and get feedback as soon as possible.

Development & Delivery

Let’s Build & OperationalizeWe iterate with NoCode prototypes to validate use cases with users, while developing the scalable solution that fits your need.

Launch & Maintenance

We’ll help you manage and maintain your platform with our continued investment in keeping on top of the technologies that will improve your platform.

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Our goal is to empower you with your new LLM platform. This is our itinerary that details a full day bootcamp for builders and developers. 

As we help you craft your platform, we will maintain the knowledge needed using our STACK approach so that any new team member can quickly get up to speed and add value as your team and platform grow. 

I’m super excited to learn about your business and how LLMs and Generative AI can help you. Let’s talk and see how we can help you build a smarter business. 

– Rahul Singh


Most frequent questions and answers

We work on retainers for a given scope to finish an initiative. We generally start with an Assessment that can be accompanied with a Workshop.

An outcome of Assessment would be a plan and architecture that can be use do develop your solution with you or for you. 

Of course! As we mentioned earlier, we want to empower you and your team to be successful. 

We offer weekly sessions for you or your team during which we can either cover a curriculum of knowledge or triage and resolve issues that they are facing. 

LLM / AI solutions are different from traditional ML solutions because of the nature of how Language Models work. Although there are similarities, what was true before is not true now.

Attendees will learn how LLM/AI can be used to drive business value and gain competitive advantages, as well as how to evaluate different LLM/AI solutions and create an implementation plan for their organization.


Currently, as we hire and train our team, the consulting and coaching is delivered by Rahul Singh, an experienced platform architect with a specialization in global real-time data platforms having implemented traditional machine learning / AI applications at scale. He has experience recently in experimenting, designing LLM/AI platform integrations and has created a training curriculum for product managers and developers in the form of a bootcamp.

He is assisted by a team of project managers, business analysts, architects and engineers from the parent Company, Anant. Rahul Singh is one of the co-founders, and CEO of Anant.

The LLM industry is extremely young, and though there are lots of talented folks out there experimenting, there aren’t enough folks that we feel can do the job at the quality we deliver.

We’ve created a Bootcamp and Workshop to train your team if needed. All of our team members are going through the curriculum and soon we will be offering full-time consultants and teams.

If we are going to Build something with or for you, we have a mandatory engagement so that we can add the most value for you in the long term. Our Start Assessment can be as short as a week to as long as a month, depending on the access to your team and what we are trying to accomplish. 

Our minimum engagement for Connect and Build is 3 months.


Coaching & Advisory
$ 3000 Sessions
  • 13 Weekly Sessions
  • Zoom / Teams / Meet
  • Up to 5 Attendees
  • Customized Itinerary/Curriculum
  • Access via Email/Discord/Slack


Consulting Assessment
$ 6000 Retainer
  • Variable Rate Retainer
  • Kickstart Planning & Design Workshop
  • Platform Design Document
  • Basic Prototyping w/ NoCode
  • Access by Email/Discord/Slack


Ongoing Design, Engineering, Architecture, Support
$ 9000/mo Subscription
  • Variable Rate Retainer
  • Weekly Sprint / Architecture Review
  • NoCode, Software & Data Engineering
  • DataOps/DevOps/LLMOps
  • Access via Email/Discord/Slack
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