LLM Strategy Workshop: Business Success with AI

Unbiased & Objective LLM Strategy Workshop

If you are curious about creating apps with “LLM Inside,” but don’t know how your business or team can get started, this workshop is for you. The current offerings at the enterprise are generally being offered by either cloud providers or by firms that have an incentive to promote one specific product, model, or approach over another.

Our goal is for you to make an informed decision on the next step in your journey to building an intelligent business platform. Our experience in building cloud-neutral data platforms at the heart of global brands has shown us that there are general data platform strategies that give both flexibility and scale without vendor lock-in.

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Strategy & Patterns

In the Strategy & Patterns section of our LLM Strategy Workshop, we’ll cover everything you need to know about leveraging LLM/AI in your organization.

We’ll begin by discussing the different types of commercial, cloud managed, and open source LLMs. From there, we’ll dive into sample use cases and the latest developments in the LLM/AI space and explain what you need to know to get started. We’ll wrap up with an interactive exercise to design a new “LLM Inside” use case based on your organization.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or a product manager, this workshop is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to integrate LLM/AI into your organization’s strategy.

Topics Covered

Survey of Language Models
Sample Use Cases
Enterprise Ready Technologies

Collaborative Workshop

Planning & Discovery

Groups will conduct a light inventory of people, processes, information and systems for a set of areas or departments. This will help us identify priority areas for LLM integration.

Design & Architecture

Each group will then pick a priority use case, map out the process, and then determine at which points AI / LLM technologies could help. 

Prototyping & Presentation

Using basic prompt engineering, groups will show case how some use cases may play out.

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This is our itinerary that details a full day bootcamp for builders and developers. Similarly to the day long bootcamp, we tailor a half-day or full-day workshop for you.

Having an understanding of the scale of your organization, how many people will attend, what infrastructure you currently operate on, we would craft a custom itinerary for your team.

We’d love to talk to you and understand what you want out of the workshop and see how we can help make this an exciting and impactful experience for your team members.

– Rahul Singh


Most frequent questions and answers

For an effective collaborative workshop, we recommend doing an in person workshop with people present in the same room. We’ve done in-person and remote workshops, so both would generally be feasible. 

For an in-person workshop, travel & lodging expenses are not included as part of the workshop fee. 

We will supply some light reading and videos ahead of time to get everyone on the same page and to save time during the workshop to focus on interactive session. We’ll also ask folks to create accounts for some platforms like OpenAI, POE, etc.

If you have a preferred collaborative tool like Miro, Mural, or Figma Jam, we’d want attendees to have access to that as well.

LLM / AI solutions are different from traditional ML solutions because of the nature of how Language Models work. Although there are similarities, what was true before is not true now.

Attendees will learn how LLM/AI can be used to drive business value and gain competitive advantages, as well as how to evaluate different LLM/AI solutions and create an implementation plan for their organization.


The workshop will be led by Rahul Singh, an experienced platform architect with a specialization in global real-time data platforms having implemented traditional machine learning / AI applications at scale. He has experience recently in experimenting, designing LLM/AI platform integrations and has created a training curriculum for product managers and developers in the form of a bootcamp.

This workshop is designed for executives in senior leadership positions, as well as individuals who oversee platforms, who are interested in exploring how LLM/AI can benefit their organization. By attending, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team to develop a comprehensive plan to implement LLM/AI technology in your organization.

We understand that each organization has its unique set of requirements, which is why the workshop’s content will be tailored to your specific needs. Whether your team leans towards the business or technical side, we’ll ensure that the workshop provides a perfect blend of knowledge that is relevant to your goals.

The workshop is a day-long event that includes interactive sessions, hands-on break out activities, and plenty of breaks in between for attendees to talk organically and come up with ideas outside of a structured conversation. 

Your company would be responsible for any breakfast, lunch, or coffee arrangements at your office for an in-person workshop.

With each Workshop engagement, we offer 5/10/20 or so hours of consulting in preparation for the event and beyond for general advisory on Zoom/Webex/Google Meet. In addition, your team will have access to the experts for 3 months to a year via Email and/or on a dedicated channel on via chat (Discord, Slack).


Half Day Seminar
$ 5999 Workshop
  • Strategy & Theory
  • Business Use Cases
  • Enterprise Patterns
  • Up to 10 Attendees
  • 5 Hours of Consultation
  • 3 Months of Email/Discord/Slack Advisory


Full Day Seminar & Workshop
$ 9999 Workshop
  • Strategy & Theory
  • Business Use Cases
  • Enterprise Patterns
  • Up to 20 Attendees
  • Collaborative Workshop​
  • 10 Hours of Consultation
  • 6 Months of Email/Discord/Slack Advisory


2 Full Days: Seminar & Workshop, Bootcamp
$ 15999 Workshop
  • Strategy & Theory
  • Business Use Cases
  • Enterprise Patterns
  • Up to 40 Attendees
  • Collaborative Workshop
  • Hands On Bootcamp
  • 20 Hours of Consultation
  • 12 Months of Email/Discord/Slack Advisory
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