About Kono.io: Langchain & LlamaIndex Consulting for Enterprise AI/LLM Automation

Kono.io is a service of Anant Corporation. We help companies modernize and maintain their data platforms. We help our clients succeed with the best bleeding edge technology by empowering them and their teams.

The work Anant has done for more than a decade in business platforms has centered on streamlining, organizing, and unifying business platforms. Through our understanding of people, processes, information and systems, we design, build, and manage business platforms.

Our strength in fast / big data is known in the industry as we are subject matter experts in distributed data platforms which enable global brands and organizations to reach their customer base and offer them customer experiences that are always available, in real-time, anywhere.

Our Generative AI offerings (LLM Toolkit) are built on top of our existing frameworks and automations that have helped organizations deal with, migrate, and manage massive amounts of data (DLM Toolkit).

We have been following and working the latest tools and technologies in Text Generative AI landscape such as LangChain, ChatGPT Plugins, and many other applications that help us bring Language User Interfaces to your customers.

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